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Educating Employees

Why not make all of your employee’s part of the solution? Crime prevention is everyone’s business and is cost effective. Loss prevention, asset protection, safety and security are all related to running a successful business. By educating each employee with knowledge, attitudes and behaviors related to loss prevention and security awareness, you empower your employees […]

Document Security

According to a variety of studies, businesses lose between $2 billion and $4 billion a year to their competitors. The losses are the result of a competitor’s learning the business secrets of others, many times through underhanded means. Lock-up and secure sensitive information and control access to these locked files. Safeguard your computer network via firewalls and […]

Contingency Plans

What actions will you take in response to various emergency situations? All businesses should have plans in place in case of natural disasters, power failures, fires, bomb threats, robberies, and burglaries, etc. Make sure to have some emergency supplies, flashlights, etc. on-hand. Important information such as financial documents, contracts, hard drive content, should be backed […]

Closing Procedures

At closing make sure someone checks inside the office building or store for someone hiding or locked inside. These criminals sometimes referred to as “lock-ins” will wait until everyone has gone before committing a crime. Make sure to check restrooms and other potential hiding areas and designate someone with this responsibility. Call us, if you […]

Do you believe the company can perform as promised at the price quoted?

Every legitimate security company has similar costs of doing business: Payroll expenses, office rent, insurance costs, licensing fees, training, recruiting, fuel, vehicle costs, maintenance, phones, taxes and other overhead are just some of the factors, which help determine the price a security company charges for its services.  If a security company charges too low of a price […]

Is the company stable and does it have a long-term record of successfully serving the local area? What about references?

We are Central Oregon’s original and largest security services provider, with over 30 certified officers and a proven 22+year track record in business. We are locally owned, professionally managed and our significant payroll dollars are spent right here.  Wouldn’t you  feel  more assured dealing with a company that professionally protects over $1,000,000,000.00 (ONE BILLION DOLLARS) in LOCAL […]