• The most reliable fleet on the road.

    No imitating the police here!

  • The Gold Standard of Reliability

    Relentlessly protecting our clients for over 23+ years: 24 / 7 / 365 non-stop!

The Security Pros Difference: The Top 10 Reasons to Choose Us

1. ACCOUNTABILITY:  We are the only local security provider to use a software-driven Electronic Verification System (EVS) which provides you with absolute proof of the work being done. NFC Tags (Near Field Communications) are positioned at your checkpoint locations (doors, gates, buildings, etc.) allowing us to track the times that we were at each specific location.  This ensures that we perform the work that  we agreed to do….guaranteed!    No other local security provider can provide you  with this level of performance accountability. This isn’t “drive-by” passive security tracked only by GPS (we have that too).  It’s active, get-out-of-the-car, hands-on security by security professionals completely checking your property.  We’ve also added dash cameras to all of our patrol vehicles for an added layer of accountability/proof of work.

2.  ADVANCED TRAINING:  We employ two certified Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) instructors with nearly SIXTY years of combined law enforcement experience in the State of Oregon.  Additionally, we’ve created a superior training school – Security Pros University™ to not only train our professional officers, but to also elevate the training of security professionals througout our region.

3. PROFESSIONAL OFFICERS:  We have the most comprehensive officer selection program, including pre-employment drug testing and an intensive orientation.  Combine this with  site specific training, professional uniform/appearance standards, clear directions and the proper level of field supervision, and our difference is professionally clear.

4. SOLID-LOCAL OWNERSHIP:  We are Central Oregon’s largest security services provider, with over 30 certified officers and a proven 26-year track record in business. We are locally owned, professionally managed and our significant payroll dollars are spent right here.  Wouldn’t you  feel  more assured dealing with a company that professionally protects over $1,000,000,000.00 (ONE BILLION DOLLARS) in LOCAL client assets every night, has been operating successfully since 1994,  has a real office location (not operating from someone’s home, their vehicle, or out of a PO box), and  has owners that have lived in Central Oregon for over 40 years?

5.  PROFESSIONAL VEHICLES:  We drive newer, fuel-efficient, All-Wheel-Drive highly marked patrol vehicles to deter criminal activity by our visibly effective  presence. Our patrol vehicles are the most professional looking, safest, most reliable security cars on the road.  We also go to great lengths  that our patrol cars do NOT  look like police cars.  Imitating the police is not the sincerest form of flattery. It makes for a hostile relationship with them. Police Departments do not appreciate the comparison, and have made themselves clear on the subject.  Due to current abuses, the City of Bend has enacted a City Ordinance to prevent security companies from looking too similar to the Bend Police Department (5.40.050 Misrepresentation of City of Bend Affiliation). We have always been in compliance with all aspects of this new city law.  Wouldn’t  you prefer a security services provider that has cultivated a professional relationship with the local police, based on working together to protect your property?

6. RELIABILITY:    We provide our clients, employees and suppliers with rock-solid reliability:  For our clients, this includes real people answering our phones,  24-hour on-call management availability, verified alarm response during the night, and a proven record of 24/7/365 coverage for many years without missing a beat.  For our employees, it means living up to our promises, meeting all of our obligations, and NEVER missing a payroll  in our company’s history.  For our suppliers, it means a loyal, honest relationship with the bill always being paid on time, every time.

7. INSURANCE:  We are properly insured in all areas of exposure, protecting our clients from loss. This is a critical consideration when hiring a security services provider because many providers are uninsured or under-insured leaving their clients exposed to full or partial liability.

8. SECURITY SIGNAGE:  We  provide professionally designed security signage for no additional charge that will enhance the protection of your property.

9. FLEXIBILITY:   We offer several proven physical security programs, yet remain flexible in adapting to our client’s specific needs. Let us customize a program to fit your specific requirements!

10. COMPLIANCE WITH OREGON LAW: Our officers are state certified through the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards & Training (DPSST). This has been required by state law since 1997, for all providers of security services. Certification involves a 14-hour training course, an exam, fingerprinting and a full FBI/Oregon State Police criminal background check. Only those with a clean criminal record and of good moral character are eligible for certification. Non-certified, untrained and/or immoral officers are a threat to public safety and a violation of Oregon law (ORS 181.870-991). Those performing security functions that are non-certified, can receive up to a $618 fine from local police agencies.  Companies employing non-certified officers can be fined up to $1,500 per violation by DPSST.

Non-Negotiable Values That Guide Us:

Professionalism:   We will take uncompromising care in adhering to professional and ethical standards.  Act as if what you do makes a difference…..it does.

Honesty:    We will always tell the truth, even when admitting our mistakes.

Reliability:    We will provide rock-solid reliability to clients, employees and our suppliers.  We will do what we say we are going to do.

Service:     We will work together to serve our clients.   In helping others to succeed, we ensure our own success.

Having Fun:     Laughter sees us through the day….Have fun.

We will form close, long-term relationships with clients, employees and suppliers who share these values.

Our Core Values

Vision Statement:

We will be the recognized leader by setting the standards in our marketplace.

Mission Statement:

We will professionally protect our client’s property, providing them with peace-of-mind, so they can focus on their business purpose.  We protect, You Prosper!™