Why Should You Join Our Team?

1. We have NEVER missed a payroll or had a paycheck returned “NSF” in our company’s history.  Can other local security companies make this same claim?

2. We have a legitimate payroll and withhold all federal and state taxes due. We are always current in this obligation on our employees behalf.  Any security employer paying “under the table” is abusing its’ employees and breaking the law….Don’t fall for this.  YOU are the victim!

3. We are properly registered, licensed, insured, and follow all local, state and  federal employment laws.  Can other local security companies prove this?

4. We are the largest regional provider of  security services, with over 30 certified officers and a successful 29-year track record of success.  No other local company has this longevity in Central Oregon.

5. We have the largest mobile patrol team with eleven company vehicles, 40 hours of combined non-stop coverage every night, and  we project the most visibly effective security presence in Bend.

6. Our officers have received awards from the City of Bend Police Department for performing above the call in the interest of public safety.

7. We have created a strong company culture of professionalism, honesty, service, reliability and accountability, while also having fun in our work.

8. We run a “tight-ship” through operational excellence.

9. We have the most professional operations center, including a full vehicle repair shop, providing many amenities to our team.

10. We protect the most commercial property in this region, valued at over $1,000,000,000.00 (ONE BILLION DOLLARS).  No other security company even comes close to this value level.

11. We offer the most stable employment base of any security services provider, due to NOT being overly dependent on a single client or a narrow market sector.  As a result, we’ve never had a layoff in 29-years!

12. We are the fastest growing security company in this region, which provides greater opportunities for advancement and long-term stability.

13. We drug test, no exceptions.

14. We have the best electronic accountability system which provides proof of the work we’re doing  for clients.  While others can prove that they drove-by, we can prove that we stopped, got out of the car and physically inspected all checkpoints.

15. We actually do what we say we are going to do and hold everyone accountable.

16. We are properly licensed and certified by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) and follow all laws, orders and rules of this regulatory body. Can other local security companies stand on this same record?

17. We have the best DPSST certified instructors on-staff.  We provide greater training to our officers to help them succeed.  In 2010, Security Pros University™ was created to meet this training need and it has raised the level of security training region-wide.

18. Our starting pay and potential for advancement is greater than  many of our competitors.

19. We offer Holiday Pay to everyone working ten Holidays per year.

20. We appreciate and value our employees more.   Our officers are the visible appearance and reputation of our company.

21. We offer the largest variety of security work due to our large client base.

22. We work together as a team to serve our clients.  In helping others to succeed, we  ensure our own success.

23. We have the best relationship with law enforcement in this region because we DO NOT try to impersonate the police in our vehicle look/presentation, uniform colors, officer badge design or our actions on the job.  Those who do this only irritate law enforcement and establish a hostile relationship with them.  They claim to have a “Higher Command Presence“, and have special “Arrest Authority“, but really do not, because security officers are not the police.  Due to specific abuses, the City of Bend has enacted a City Ordinance to prevent security companies from looking too similar to the Bend Police Department (5.40.050 Misrepresentation of City of Bend Affiliation). We are (and always have been) in compliance with all aspects of this new city law.

24. We are the “greenest” security services provider by driving the most fuel efficient patrol fleet.  Our Honda’s average 30+ miles per gallon of fuel.  We are the first security company in Central Oregon to have TWO road legal electric low-speed-vehicles and the only All-Wheel-Drive vehicles for all-season performance.

25. Our sporty Honda HR-V patrol fleet is the most visible, coolest looking, and best equipped/maintained security vehicles on the road.  We actually have our own in-house full automotive shop, including a certified mechanic, to maintain our vehicles!

26. We are professionally managed in the office and in the field for greater guidance and clear performance expectations.

27. Professional work plans are developed for each client site so our objectives there are clear.

28. Our owners, managers and supervisors are good people to work for.

29. All aspects of our company are highly organized and managed well by business professionals.

30. Security Pros owners are recognized business leaders, having won several local business awards over the past 30 years.  Our owners also have deep ties to this region, having lived in Bend for over 40 years.

31. We have a monthly newsletter for employees only.

32. We have a better communications officer safety check-in system, with mobile & portable radios and cell phones.

33. Our employees actually enjoy working  with their co-workers as a team.

34. Electronic payroll direct deposits are available and encouraged.

35. Paydays are every other Friday (26 paydays per year) guaranteed.

36. We provide uniforms, coats, hats, safety gear and site specific equipment.

37. Additional certifications and training are available to earn greater income.

38. We utilize the latest business technology in our office to deliver more value to our clients.

39. All employees receive an extensive orientation and a written handbook to help them to succeed.

40. Certification classroom training and fingerprinting are provided at no cost to our officers.  You will be expected to cover only the initial certification card cost with DPSST.

41. Re-certification every two years is provided to our officers at no cost.  We provide the class and the fee to DPSST.

42. We donate more dollars and in-kind services to local charities than all of our competitors combined.

43. We offer a free flu-shot clinic in our office every fall for all employees.

44. We offer an IRA retirement savings option that allows for employer matching contributions to those who participate.

45. We have soda and snack vending machines in our office with all items at low cost for employees.

46. New firearms are available to purchase at DEALER COST to all team members of Security Pros! We even allow easy monthly payment plans on firearms purchases.

FORTY-SIX  reasons to join the number one security team in this region….No other security company even comes close!

Job Openings as of:  April 26, 2023  

1.   Mobile Night Patrol Officers – Full-Time & Part-Time

2.   Posted Old Mill District Officers – Seasonal

3.   On Call / Fill-in Officers    




Fill Out Our Online Job Application


► Be at least 18 years of age for unarmed / 21 years of age for armed security
► Have obtained a High School Diploma or GED
► Complete our official employment application
► Be available for ALL shifts.  Night shifts are the reality in security work.
► Be able to perform all essential security work functions
► Have a clean criminal record  (lifetime)
► Have a valid Oregon Driver’s License & clean driving record (last three years)
► Successfully pass a full FBI / OSP criminal background check
► Successfully pass a drug screening
► Meet all requirements to be certified by the Oregon
Department of Public Safety Standards and Training
(See DPSST Website below for the complete requirements):www.oregon.gov/dpsst/PS/docs/MinimumStandardsforCertificationorLicensure.pdf
► Previous security, law enforcement, military experience or already DPSST
Certified, will be given preference.