• Alarm Response

We Get The Calls, You Get The Sleep!™

The Pain:  Your business office has a monitored security alarm system to detect a burglary.  If the alarm is tripped, you are called (usually late at night while sleeping) and then you’re forced to make a decision if the police should be dispatched, or if you want to respond yourself. You know that most of the time (97% statistically) alarm calls are “false” alarms and if the police are dispatched too many times you will be fined, so you go check it out yourself in the middle of the night.  Too many nights of this and your business suffers from your exhaustion, not to mention the possible danger if you do encounter criminals. What if you had a trusted local company to check on your business in the event of an alarm call?

Your Gain: Security Pros has created a program for our business clients, designed to reduce these false alarm calls.  Imagine … NO late night disruptive phone calls while you’re trying to sleep and NO false alarm citations from the police … Sounds too good to be true?  It’s real and we’ve been doing it successfully in Bend for over 20 years.

Here’s How Our Unique Program Works:

►  We are the first to get the alarm call from your security alarm monitoring company, not the police.
►  Our certified officers respond to your business location** to determine if the police should be notified, or not.
►  If we determine that it’s a false alarm, we will then clear your building, reset your alarm, and then send you a report the next morning. You will only be called if a serious situation exists.
►  If we determine that the police are needed, we contact them, provide them access and any information they require, and we stay at your location until they release us. We will promptly notify you of the situation and assist in any way that we can.

**Service hours are between 6:00 pm (1800) and 6:00 am (0600), seven nights per week / 365 days per year.  This service is currently available to commercial locations in our Bend service area only.
Please call (541) 330-0404 for pricing information on this program or use our contact form.