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Security Pros, Inc. is proud to offer security specific training through Security Pros University™! Our two DPSST Certified Instructor’s have 60 years of combined law enforcement and security experience in the State of Oregon. No other instructors in this region even come close to this experience level, or with the number of officers certified by us (over 500+) over the last twenty-four years.

Security Pros University™ offers DPSST Unarmed Certification classes every month in Bend through our experienced DPSST Certified Instructors.

I.  The initial certification class cost is $200, which INCLUDES: fingerprinting, application forms and all class materials. This is the most complete DPSST certification package in this region, providing everything you need to apply for certification. This is a 14-hour course that we complete over two days.

II.  The recertification class cost is $100. This is a 4-hour course.  Recertification can be done within 180 days of expiration.

•  You will be responsible for all application fees required by DPSST (currently $124.25 for an initial two-year certification and $78 for a two-year recertification).

•  You are responsible for submitting your completed paperwork with the appropriate fees to DPSST in Salem within 180 days from our class date, to complete the application process.  Failure to do so, will cause your training to become invalid and you will have to take the training again at your own expense.

•  You cannot work as a security officer or as an independent security contractor, unless you are working under (or become) a Licensed Executive Manager that is current with DPSST.

•  You MUST have your employing manager complete a PS-20 Temporary Work Permit that is only valid for 120 days and one copy must be submitted to DPSST while waiting for your permanent security card. You must carry your copy with you while working as an Unarmed Security Officer.

•  Your signed PS-20 must be mailed on or before your first day of work as a Certified Unarmed Security Officer.

•  You will be trained in the minimum DPSST state mandated security curriculum.

•  You must pass the state mandated exam, with a minimum 85% score to successfully pass this course (meaning that you cannot miss more than seven (7) questions on the exam). If you fail the exam, we will offer you one chance to repeat the deficient section of the curriculum and retake the exam  again at no additional cost. After that, you must re-take (at the instructor’s option) the entire course at your expense.  Our instructor’s reserve the right to terminate an applicants training, if the applicant is unsafe, unfit to proceed, or shows abnormal behavior.

•  You must meet all other state mandated requirements, have no disqualifying criminal convictions, and be of good moral character in order to be certified by DPSST.   A High School Diploma or GED are required for security certification and licensure.
For the complete list of requirements, use the link below.

•  You will not be trained by Security Pros University™ during this course, in any use of force that includes, but is not limited to: OC (pepper) spray, taser, baton, handcuffing.

If you have any questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to ask us!
The classes are held in our professional office conference room.  Click on the link below and indicate which class you wish to enroll in, or call 541-330-0404 to enroll.

Due to increasing demand: Prepayment in-full is due upon enrollment.

We accept:  Cash, Check and Credit Card for payment.

December 2022 DPSST Unarmed Security Certification Classes:

A)  Initial Certification Class – NEW
December 8th &9th – 9am start time – $200

B)  Re-certification Class