On Site Posted Protection

Providing the highest level of protection

With Security Pros on your team: We Protect, You Prosper!™

We dedicate state certified, uniformed, armed or unarmed officers and train them to meet your site specific requirements. We become your “eyes and ears,” as we control what goes on at your location when you are not there.  Our visible presence has proven to be a strong deterrent to thieves, as well as a confidence booster to employees who are working later shifts.

While others will claim to have made the rounds at your location during the night….we can prove  it! Security Pros utilizes an Electronic Verification System (EVS), created by Track-Tik Guard Tour Management System software. This consists of NFC Tags mounted at your location’s checkpoints, a smart phone that records the EXACT date and time each checkpoint was touched, and customized computer software that organizes this data into specific weekly reports for each of our clients. This system is tamper-proof, it cannot be altered or manipulated, and provides you with absolute EVIDENCE of our nightly efforts to protect your property.  We offer the security industry’s leading electronic verification system to all of our clients atno additional cost because our reputation relies on honesty, reliability, and professionalism.  You deserve no less than this from your trusted security partner….Demand it!

Security Pros Custom NFC Tag, used with our Track-Tik Guard Tour Management System.

At our current locations, we provide customized security solutions,  including (but not limited to) the following:

►  Access control – both during and after business hours
►  Door checks on foot or with a marked security vehicle
►  Problem prevention by a visible security presence
►  Monitoring raw materials and inventory protection
►  Fire Watch and sprinkler suppression monitoring
►  Construction watch – materials theft prevention
►  Escorting employees to their vehicles at night
►  Grounds and parking lot enforcement / surveillance
►  Assisting with guest / customer / patient services
….And many other services