Does the company have reliable, fuel efficient, highly-visible security vehicles that don’t look like police cars?

The marked vehicles a security company puts on patrol are the most visible face of the company, and the image reflected by the clients who hire them. There is a natural tendency to think that a security company’s vehicles should look like police cars, but this absolutely the wrong choice.  Police Departments are actively hostile to security companies trying to pass themselves and their officers off as Police.  In this case, imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery. There is an instant adversarial relationship built in to this type of presentation.  Police Departments do not appreciate the comparison, and have made themselves clear on the subject.  Therefore it is much better to develop a professional image, clearly divergent from that of the Police, and cultivate a relationship with them that emphasizes your desire to work with them in cooperation, and not try to be them. The less a security company tries to look like the police, and the more professional a company’s officers present themselves, the more cooperation they can develop with police agencies.  This relationship is vital in protecting your property and it’s one that we work hard to  maintain.  Call your local police department and see which qualified security provider they recommend!