Does the company pay its employees legally?

An employee, who is working for a company that is not paying in accordance with the law, may indicate that the employee is not eligible to work legally as a security officer because of a criminal background or an illegal immigration status. An employee that is not being paid legally is being taken advantage of by a company willing to disregard the law.  Unfortunately “paying under the table” for security services is a very common practice in our region, especially by those who provide event security.  It is NEVER in your best interest to hire a company with such practices. Do you see the clear connection between a company paying employees illegally as also having NO Worker’s Comp. and NO liability coverage to protect your interests?

Security Pros, Inc.  pays above Oregon’s minimum hourly wage and we withhold and match all taxes required by law. Additionally, we employ a full-time payroll/HR manager to maintain compliance with employment laws. Our Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 33-10175XX and our State  of Oregon EIN is 11683XX-8.  Our paydays are bi-weekly (every other Friday) and we have never missed a payroll or tax deposit in 22+ years of operating.